Republic of AI Philosophy of existence

In this post, we will discuss the purpose of RoAI blog. The idea came to my mind in late 2017. I wanted to create a space that creates content that helps people in different disciplines to understand Machine Learning (ML) concepts better.  After doing more research and joining a few great ML communities I realized they have a similar mission, I decided to join and help them out to achieve the same goal. Now after three years of working in the industry and helping a global community of thousands of ML and data science experts, I decided to resume the activity of RoAI.  Our content will be focused on the following topics.

  • review of hands-on ML projects.
  • Provide industry-specific advice.
  • review of ML frameworks and new products in that space.
  • A deep dive into ML concepts and the latest advancements.
  • Interviews with people and reviews of practical ML products that tackle a real-world issue.
Alireza Darbehani

Alireza Darbehani